Festa da Vitória


Para cima



Desfile da Vitória


14 de Julho 1919



Paris "Desfile da Vitória"


Em Paris um contingente de 150 soldados do Corpo Expedicionário Português, integrado nas forças aliadas do marechal Foch, desfilaram na Place de L'Etoile sob o comando do Major de Infantaria Ribeiro de Carvalho, tendo como Porta-bandeira o Tenente de Infantaria Perestrello D’Alarcão e Silva, do Regimento de Infantaria n.º 22.


Foch and Petain will lead the Paris Victory March


Paris, July 6/1919. - Marshal Foch and Marshal Pétain will lead the great victory march througt Paris on July 14, the aniversary of the Bastile, according to Marcel Hutin, writting in Echo de Paris. M. Hutin, says he has advance knowledge of the official program to be issued some time this week. The triumphal march, according to M. Hutin, will be over a course from the Porte Maillot to the Place de la République. All the armies which participated in the war will be represented by picked detachments, carryng their flags. Generals Castelnau, Fayolle, Maistre, Mangin, and Gourand will lead the section of the parade which is to include the Foreign Legion and the Moroccan units. President Poincaré and Premier Clemenceau will review the troops from thier tribune at the Arc de Triomphe. (The New York Times, published: July 7, 1919)




Desfile da Vitória


29 de Julho 1919


London's "Victory Parade", Metropolis Acclaims the Organizations She Sent to the Front.


London, July 5/1919. - London saw her own figting men today and perhaps realized as never before the greatness of the effort she made in the war. The ocassion was the "Victory Parade" of London regiments, and it followed the course. it began with a march past Buckingham Palace, where the King took the salute, then along the Strand and Fleet Street to the Mansion House, where the Lord Mayor reviewed the troops, and thence to Tower Hill.(The New York Times, published: July 7, 1919)




Desfile da Vitória


14 de Julho 1919


Portugal to observe "Victory Day."



Lisbon, July 9/1919. - Portugal will observe July 14 as a national holiday, to celebrate the signing of peace. The day will be known as Victory Day. The  Chamber of Deputies has voted a credit for decorations and other expenses of the celebration. (The New York Times, published: July 10, 1919)












Na Avenida da Liberdade, junto ao Condes, a multidão assistiu à Parada da Vitória




Portuguese Army and Navy and U.S. Navy personnel parade in the city, 1919. A Portuguese Navy admiral is in the right foreground.
U.S. Sailors at left are from USS Hannibal (1898-1945), which visited Lisbon on 24 March - 27 April 1919 and on 4-19 July 1919.

Courtesy of Commander Donald J. Robinson, USN (MSC), 1973.
U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.



Desfile da Vitória


22 de Julho 1919




Em Bruxelas um contingente do Corpo Expedicionário Português, integrado no desfile das forças aliadas sob o comando do Major de Infantaria André Brun, tendo como Porta-bandeira o Tenente de Infantaria Perestrello D’Alarcão e Silva. A este histórico evento, assistiram na Tribuna de Honra, o Rei Alberto da Bélgica e o Rei D. Manuel II (no exílio), entre outras entidades.






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